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FAA says airspace in Montana reopened after ‘Department of Defense activities’

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Saturday that it issued a temporary flight restriction over a portion of Montana shortly after an unidentified object was shot down over Canada and later said the restriction was lifted. “The FAA closed some airspace in Montana to support Department of Defense activities,” the FAA told Fox News Digital in a statement on Saturday evening. The airspace closed down was in the area around Havre, Montana not far from the U.S.

Pentagon says US detected third flying ‘object’ over Alaska a day before shooting down over Canada

The Pentagon issued a statement Saturday revealing details about how an unidentified object was shot down by the U.S. military over Canada on Saturday. Pentagon Press Secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said in a statement that President Biden authorized NORAD to work with the Canadian government to shoot down a “high-altitude airborne object” on Saturday after a call with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Republicans react to third ‘object’ shot down over Canada: ‘Unprecedented challenge’

Republicans are reacting after the U.S. military shot down a “high-altitude airborne object” on Saturday, saying that the U.S. is facing an “unprecedented” challenge Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a tweet that an “unidentified object” over Canadian airspace was shot down. “I ordered the take down of an unidentified object that violated Canadian airspace,” Trudeau tweeted. “@NoradCommand shot down the object over the Yukon.

Dems cite Ginni Thomas, Mitch McConnell as reasons to impose code of conduct on Supreme Court justices

House and Senate Democrats this week introduced a bill that would force the Supreme Court to adopt a code of conduct for justices, a step they say is needed to restore trust in the conservative majority court that has eroded because of recent Republican actions. “The word unprecedented is starting to lose its meaning as we see more and more questionable behavior from justices,” said Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga.

IRS provides ’11th hour’ guidance on state relief checks

The IRS announced Friday that most relief checks issued by states last year aren’t subject to federal taxes, providing 11th hour guidance as tax returns start to pour in. A week after telling payment recipients to delay filing returns, the IRS said it won’t challenge the taxability of payments related to general welfare and disaster, meaning taxpayers who received those checks won’t have to pay federal taxes on those payments.

Nebraska bill would allow healthcare providers to ‘conscientiously object’ to procedures

Nebraska lawmakers are following the path of other conservative states in considering a bill that would allow medical providers, facilities and insurers to cite their religious, ethical or moral beliefs in denying some medical treatments. Critics say it’s simply another way to target abortion rights and the LGBTQ community. The bill, introduced by Sen. Dave Murman, of Glenvil, casts a wide net.

Missouri university calls whistleblower allegations against transgender center ‘troubling’

Washington University in St. Louis is calling whistleblower allegations against its transgender center “troubling” after a former employee penned an op-ed and filed an affidavit with the state attorney general’s office. Jaime Reed, a former case manager at the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital wrote an op-ed published Thursday in the Free Press, alleging the health center has a “lack of regard for the rights of parents.

McCaul targets China, Afghanistan withdrawal as top oversight priorities: ‘I have subpoena power’

EXCLUSIVE: House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul is vowing to stop the export of technologies to China and hold the Biden administration accountable for the chaotic and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 as his top committee priorities. McCaul, R-Texas, said one of the first actions he plans to take is requesting to view the classified dissenting cable that U.S.

President Biden’s State of the Union address gets rated by Americans

Americans in the nation’s capital assessed President Biden’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday. Most who spoke with Fox News approved of his address. “Biden was awesome,” Craig told Fox News. “Couldn’t be better.” But Antione disagreed, saying he hasn’t witnessed any accomplishments from the Biden administration.  “I haven’t seen anything yet,” he told Fox News.

Sen. John Fetterman hospitalized after ‘feeling lightheaded’ at Senate Democratic retreat

U.S. Senator John Fetterman has been hospitalized overnight following lightheadedness he experienced at a Senate retreat Wednesday. “Towards the end of the Senate Democratic retreat today, Senator John Fetterman began feeling lightheaded,” a statement from his office read. The office said Fetterman, D-Penn., is in “good spirits and talking with his staff and family.”  The hospitalization does not appear to be related to his previous stroke, the statement added.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams in hot water with his party for saying ‘woke’ Democrats drive away minority voters

New York City Mayor Eric Adams accused woke Democrats of driving away minority voters during an appearance on MSNBC Wednesday.  While responding to President Biden’s State of the Union, Mayor Adams said “There’s a hemorrhaging of our Latino community, our AAPI communities, that’s leaving the traditional Democratic base, because we’ve allowed the loudest and those who consider themselves to be ‘woke.

State of the Union has Americans demanding answers from President Biden on top concerns

Inflation and the war in Ukraine are top issues Americans told Fox News they would like to hear President Biden address during the State of the Union on Tuesday night. “I would like you to explain to the American people why eggs are $6 a dozen,” said one man in Nashville. “It isn’t because of the bird flu, it’s because of other issues that your administration has not addressed.

State of the Union: Biden to discuss strategy to ‘reassert America’s leadership’ on world stage

President Joe Biden is set to deliver his second State of the Union address Tuesday night, in which he is expected to explain his strategy to “reassert America’s leadership around the world,” a White House official told Fox News, as his administration grapples with the fallout from the Chinese surveillance balloon that transited across the continental United States for nearly a week.

Texas border wall construction underway, Gov. Abbott says

Texas has resumed building a wall along the state’s border with Mexico, after months of negotiations with private property owners. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott boasted about building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border on Sunday, posting a video on social media of the wall being constructed. “Texas is building our own border wall,” the governor tweeted.

Spy balloon likely sent extensive intelligence to China, experts say

The Chinese spy balloon that traveled across the U.S. likely was able to send sensitive data to the Chinese Communist Party before it was shot down by the U.S. military Saturday, foreign policy experts told Fox News Digital. Military officials decided to take out the balloon exactly one week after they first discovered it in Alaska. However, President Biden was not made aware of the balloon until Tuesday, when it was over Montana. Local news broke the story of its existence on Thursday.

Christie slams Trump as ‘only man to lose to Biden outside Delaware’ after Trump calls him ‘sloppy’

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie traded barbs with former President Donald Trump on Sunday after the former president called him “sloppy” and a “failed” governor.  “I’m the target of Donald Trump’s new tantrum,” Christie wrote on Twitter. “None of his lies about me today bothered him when he asked me to prep him for every general election debate or offered me 3 different cabinet posts.

Biden only mentioned China 3 times in 2022 State of the Union address

All eyes are on China and President Biden’s handling of the spy balloon from the Communist state that was shot down off the coast of South Carolina ahead of his State of the Union speech Tuesday. Republicans are voicing concerns that the administration has ignored or downplayed the growing threat of the Chinese Communist Party after a Chinese surveillance balloon was allowed to drift across the continental U.S. for several days before being taken down by the U.S. military.

Chinese spy balloons over US during Trump admin ‘discovered after’ he left office: senior Biden official

Information suggesting that Chinese spy balloons traveled over the continental United States during the Trump administration was “discovered after” former President Donald Trump left office, a senior administration official told Fox News. A defense official on Saturday said Chinese spy balloons briefly traveled over the United States at least three times during the Trump administration.

George Santos’ former staffer accuses congressman of sexual harassment, violating pay rules

An ex-staffer for New York GOP Rep. George Santos claims in an ethics complaint the freshman congressman touched his groin, invited him home and violated House ethics’ pay rules. In a Twitter thread on Friday, Derek Myers, 30, wrote that he filed a complaint with the U.S. Capitol Police and the Office of Congressional Ethics about his allegations. He was purportedly hired in January and only lasted days in Santos’ office. Myers said Santos hired him as an assistant on Jan. 25.

China fumes after US pops its balloon, warns of possible ‘responses’ to ‘clear overreaction’

China’s Foreign Ministry on Saturday said it “strongly disapproves of and protests” the U.S. decision to shoot down a spy balloon that had been in U.S. airspace for the last several days and warned that it may take unspecified “responses” to that action. “China strongly disapproves of and protests against the U.S. attack on a civilian unmanned airship by force,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Republican demands Joe Biden, Kamala Harris resign after ‘catastrophic Chinese spy balloon spectacle’

Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., a member of the House Armed Services Committee, said Saturday that the Chinese spy balloon saga confirmed both President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris should resign from office. Wilson’s calls for Biden and Harris to resign came hours after a U.S. fighter jet shot down a Chinese spy balloon off the coast of the lawmaker’s home state of South Carolina.

Biden’s decision to ‘allow’ Chinese spy balloon over US is ‘a joke,’ Homeland Security committee member says

FIRST ON FOX: A member of the House Committee on Homeland Security says it’s a “joke” that the Biden administration allowed the Chinese spy balloon to fly over the continental United States. During a Thursday briefing, a senior defense official said that the U.S. government is “confident” the surveillance balloon is from the People’s Republic of China, and said it was seen over Montana.

Reps. AOC, Marjorie Taylor Greene tiff over Twitter after Omar vote: ‘Be an adult and actually debate me’

A private feud between two U.S. lawmakers made a splash on social media this week in the fallout of Congress voting to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar from a committee, with both officials swinging accusations at the other. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Twitter Thursday to accuse her colleague, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of being a “coward” and lying about her on national television.