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Missouri AG to sue New York over ‘unconstitutional lawfare’ against Trump: ‘Time to restore the rule of law’

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced he is filing a lawsuit against the state of New York for what he called “their direct attack on our democratic process through unconstitutional lawfare against President Trump.”On Thursday, Bailey said on his podcast, “The Bailey Wire,” that his office would be taking steps to combat illicit prosecutions against the former president. Bailey said it’s time to restore the rule of law.

Sen. Cotton: Biden Has Been Slow-walking Arms to Israel Since January

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) accused the Biden administration Thursday of slow-walking arms and ammunition deliveries to Israel since January, when a group of left-wing Democrats hostile to Israel urged the White House to cut off its support.
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Romney stays course on whether he supports Trump for president: ‘It’s a matter of personal character’

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, continued the course of not supporting former President Trump during the 2024 election.Last week, Trump had a closed-door meeting with Republican senators where he pitched a new policy position that could win over workers in key swing states ahead of the November election.Romney attended the meeting, though he told CNN reporter Manu Raju on Tuesday that he did not go to support Trump.”I didn’t go there to support former President Trump.