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Allum Bokhari

Swamp Launches Last Ditch Effort to Pass Media Bailout Bill JCPA

Supporters of the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA), a bill that would allow corporate media companies to band together in a cartel to collude with Big Tech companies like Facebook and Google, are mounting a last-ditch effort to pass the bill before Republicans take control of the House of Representatives next year, including the undemocratic possibility of adding the JCPA to a so-called “must pass” bill like defense spending.

Newsguard Advisory Board Member Michael Hayden Yet to Retract Biden Laptop ‘Russian Disinfo’ Claim

Former Bush Administration CIA director Michael Hayden, who spent much of the Trump years attacking and belittling Republicans, has yet to retract his claim that the Hunter Biden laptop story was “Russian disinformation,” despite serving on the board of Newsguard — an organization that claims to oppose the refusal to correct major errors in news stories and commentary.

Senate Dems Push Media Cartel Bill on Same Day as CNN’s Zucker Scandal

As details emerged about the resignation of CNN president Jeff Zucker after he admitted a sexual relationship with a subordinate, democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee were holding a hearing on a bill that would allow the corporate media to form a state-sanctioned cartel to protect themselves from online competition.