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Andrew O'Reilly

Beto on Biden’s chances in Texas: It’s his to lose

Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke believes that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden can win Texas’ 38 electoral votes this November – a move that would mark a drastic change for a state once considered firmly in the hands of the Republican Party.

Trump looks to seize momentum out of fiery GOP convention, as Biden plans battleground visits

With the Republican National Convention wrapping up Thursday night with President Trump’s speech, the United States, the president is hoping to get a momentum boost as the election season moves into its final stages – as both major political parties dig in for what is expected to be a vicious battle for what both Democrats and Republicans have described as the future of America.

Trump says Biden speech is ‘just words’ at DNC close

President Trump and his Republican allies were quick to pan Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s acceptance speech on Thursday night – with the president accusing the former vice president of making false promises as the Trump campaign reiterated their claim that Biden is “a pawn of the radical leftists.