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Loudoun County Public Schools removes book for ‘sexual content’ while Fairfax insists it’s not obscene

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) will remove the controversial book “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” written by Maia Kobabe, from school library shelves, a spokesman announced Friday. The school district in nearby Fairfax County has stood by the book, saying that it is not obscene and does not contain pedophilia, yet Loudoun Superintendent Scott Zielger decided to remove the book, calling it inappropriate for school.

D.C. school board chancellor urges families to 'decolonize' Thanksgiving

Lewis D. Ferebee, chancellor of the Washington, D.C., public schools, sent a letter to the DCPS community encouraging parents and children to “decolonize” Thanksgiving, a holiday which he said brings up “horrors.” He shared articles advocating specific legislation and saying that Thanksgiving brings up “genocide.

Abortion backers at Supreme Court are aiming for Roe v. Wade ‘Part 2’ in Texas, Stephen Miller warns

The Supreme Court will hear arguments in two pivotal abortion cases regarding the landmark Texas law S.B. 8 on Monday. A lawyer and a former advisor to President Trump, working with America First Legal, argued that the cases center on the question of whether or not Texans have the democratic right to make their own laws and warned that the Department of Justice and abortion activists are aiming to bring about a monumental change in the law that would equate to Roe v. Wade “part 2.

Donald Trump plans to hold ‘tele-rally’ for Youngkin Monday: reports

Former President Donald Trump will hold a tele-rally for Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin on Monday, the day before Election Day in the pivotal Virginia governor’s race, according to reports. Terry McAuliffe, Youngkin’s Democratic opponent, appeared to cheer the move, as he has tried to tie the Republican to the former president.

Youngkin says McAuliffe is ‘making up a candidate’ to run against in razor-thin governor’s race

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe claimed that if his Republican challenger, Glenn Youngkin, wins the election on November 2, women’s lives will be “at risk” and doctors will get “put in jail” because Youngkin will sign an abortion law similar to the Texas version. McAuliffe said this despite Youngkin’s own claim that he would not sign such a law.

Youngkin vows to hold Loudoun County officials responsible after alleged sexual assaults

Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin promised to bring transparency, accountability, choice, and higher standards to the state’s schools, specifically condemning the Loudoun County School Board for allegedly covering up a male student’s alleged sexual assault against a female student in a girls’ restroom before that male student allegedly assaulted another girl at another school months later.

Conservatives blast Biden’s ‘blatant intimidation attempt’ to push his LGBTQ agenda

President Biden celebrated “Coming Out Day” on Monday with a statement expressing love and acceptance for LGBTQ people and attacking state legislators for proposing and passing “discriminatory” and “anti-LGBTQ+ bills.” Conservative groups that helped formulate those bills shot back, with one group accusing Biden of engaging in “blatant intimidation” with his statement.