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Chad Pergram

Biden’s Social Spending Bill: A drama in 4 acts

Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible,” Anton Chekhov’s “The Seagull” and George Bernard Shaw’s “Man and Superman” all have something in common with the Democrats’ $1.75 trillion social spending bill: They are all dramas in four acts.

A ruling from ‘Mount Parliamentarian’

When you’re trying to pass an infrastructure bill, those who toil on Capitol Hill have a way of transforming every jot and tittle of the process into a decree, practically issued from “Mount Parliamentarian.

Good night and good luck

We are now war correspondents. That’s your new assignment if you cover Congress. The threat against the U.S. Capitol likely won’t dissolve any time soon.

In Congress, challenges of combatting coronavirus parallel fights across the country

Let’s begin with two, basic premises. First, the U.S. truly has “representative government.” That is to say, the amalgamation of lawmakers sent to Washington from the four winds truly represent the attitude and vicissitudes of America’s diverse regions and cultures. Lawmakers in Washington mirror their constituencies, be they in New Hampshire or New Mexico.